Hello world!

Everybody else is doing it, so time for me to succumb to peer pressure, so Hello World, and welcome to my blog!

I am a Quant. Someone who takes absurd and inordinate joy in milking meaning from numbers and sifting stats for insight. I’m not strictly a statistician, not strictly a mathematician, not strictly a programmer. I suppose the closest description for who I am and what I do is analyst. I prefer Quant.

Hello World is, in every programming training system, the first thing you learn to do (unless you’re learning MATLAB, in which case you say “Hello World” through Magic Squares).  In my world I do endurance sport (running, cycling, swimming) and I apply numbers there, so I’ll probably post a bit on that. I love cooking and baking, and I’m addicted to the numbers I see there, too, so that’s fair game. I dabble in the public policy surrounding the research as well as the epidemiology of medical care, primarily because I get to play with numbers, so that’ll be here, too. I guess you could say I’m the embodiment of the obsessive compulsion to play with numbers. I am the Complete Quant.

Math and Bikes

Gearing possibilities using commercially available cassettes on Holly the Raleigh (my road bike) based on a “comfort index” I devised. The redder the number, the closer my cadence is to my happy cadence, 95 pedal strokes/minute.

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